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Mobile Jammer Shop in Kolkata

Spy Sharp Eye is one of the leading Manufacturer, Importer and system integrator of electronic security and surveillance Security System in India. We take pride in our products and services, working towards a mission of “securing your world”. We have A vast experience, in-house technical team know-how, is fully equipped and capable of providing Totaly solutions, customized according to the needs of our clients. With an advanced engineering and product planning team and strong software capabilities relating to the security business, Vantage continues to offer cutting edge security and surveillance solutions for small, medium and large enterprises as well as government sector undertakings.

A Mobile Phone Jammers is a latest gadget in the market to prevent Mobile Phones from receiving signals from base stations. This Mobile Jammer blocks the signals of the mobile phone from base stations so that reception of cell phone is distracted and person cannot make calls or send and receive text messages. Mobile Jammer stands best the place where you expect peace and silence.

Nowadays, copying in examination, wiretap, gas station outburst, and medical negligence like issues arise due to mobile phones. Probably, it is one of the major reasons behind the emergence of mobile jammers to make safety in such places.

Mobile Phone can be best used in Conference Hall, Office, Schools, Cinema Hall, or when you are busy working on a project and your client is shouting, in that case you can nether stop him to call nor you can continue with your work anymore. Through Mobile Jammer you can stop the students from cheating during examination or as a parent you can block the signals of your kid's phone so that they can pay attention to their lectures. This Mobile Phone Jammer in Kolkata takes the situation under control where you find loud noise.

We are the most respected and recognized manufacturers of Mobile Jammer in Kolkata. Our Mobile Phone Dealer in Kolkata offer you variety of mobile jammer name super high power jammer, cellular 3G mobile jammer, 4G mobile jammer, portable jammer etc. You can buy the best mobile jammer form our Mobile Jammer Shop in Kolkata that suits best to fulfill your needs under your budget. You can also visit to our Mobile Phone Jammers Shop in Kolkata to for a live demo.

Using a Jammer, does not harm your mobile phones in anyway.

Super High Power Mobile Jammer
-CDMA 850-894MHz -GSM 920-960MHz
Cellular Mobile Signal Jammer
-CDMA/GSM:851-960MHz -DCS/PCS:1805-1990MHz
High Power Jammer
-CDMA 800: 851 to 894MHz -GSM 900: 925 to 960MHz
Medium Power Mobile jammer
Jamming range: 30-35M Jamming frequency: PHS/GSM/CDMA/3G/
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