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Pocket Mini Mobile Signal Jammer

America Market Cellphone Jammer Frequency
OutputFrequencyRadius Range
CDMAUp to 5-10metersRadius .
GSM925-960MHz (Depending on the mobile
DCS PHS1805-1990MHzservice providr's
Network condition)

Europe Market Cellphone Jammer Frequency
Output PortFrequencyRadius Range
CDMA925-960MHz Up to 5-10meters
DCS GSM18001805-1880MHz Radius .(Depending on the mobile
3G2110-2170MHzservice providr's Network condition)


Design virtue,Why choose the Mini Portable Signal Jammer it seems ,It isn't a "Jammer", Top Hidden Internal antenna, and Insulate per antenna, It can working more efficiently. Replace Battery is very easy by hand , Same with mobile phone Charging can Been Nokia charge High Quailty Design , Low hot, It can continue work 356days with charge Being familiar for use immediately Now let us introduce this Mini mobile signal jammer to you and make you better understanding about the positions of all buttons as well as operation way.

We have the Four types Jammer:
  • Black :Only block the Cellphone Signal
  • Silvery: Block Cellphone and GPS Signal ( Not contain 3G signal )
  • Light Brown: Block GPS L1 and GPS L2 Signal
  • Deep Green: Block Wifi Signal
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